August Merdeka Sales

**This promotion are only available for in-shop-purchase.


In conjunction with Malaysia 62th Independence Day, we were having Merdeka Sales SPECIAL for Member. 


Enjoy up to 20% OFF for the following items:

Items Normal Price (RM) Member Promotion Price (RM)

Kanopi Berwarna 2x2m (18kg)(YANG) 1set

178.00 143.00

Kanopi Berwarna 2.5x2.5m (19.3kg)(YANG) 1set

206.00 165.00

Kanopi Berwarna 3x3m (21.5kg)(YANG) 1set

225.00 180.00

Kanopi Berwarna 3x4.5m (28.6kg)(YANG) 1set

282.00 226.00

Kanopi Berwarna 3x6m (37.5kg)(YANG) 1set

357.00 286.00

Kanopi Berwarna 3x3m (21.8kg)(YANG) 1set

376.00 300.00

Jam Nanas (YANG) 1kg

7.50 6.20


Don't worry if you are not our member. Just register yourselves as member in our shop before you purchase. Then you can enjoy this special promotion too.


Don't miss out this chance. Just come and visit us.
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